principal Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

Greetings of Joy and Happiness!

In the name of the Managing Board and on my behalf, I accord a warm and cordial welcome to you all especially the newcomers - both the staff and students - to our school of learning. Motivated and committed as we are to "shaping leaders today for a better tomorrow", I am pleased to express to you all our resolve to serve everyone in the school with love.
I encourage all the staff and students to aim high, think equal, build smart, work hard and dream big in order to achieve your goals. It is very important to set a proper goal in your life. Students who dream big and set their academic and moral compass towards them will accomplish their goals because they have the right mindset, hard work and determination. If you are determined towards achieving your goal you will definitely succeed. The most important virtue is self-confidence, the confidence in being you and in bringing to fruition your every productive potential.
We at St. Michael's School respect the uniqueness of each student as a person and strive to bring out the best display of his/her individual endowments, capabilities and giftedness. The school shall endeavour to accompany every student in every way while he/she aims at realizing his/her goals with diligence and patience. We believe that all will achieve success though failures may come their way but they will serve as stepping stones to the very success they desire to achieve.
I take this opportunity to wish every student my every best wish in this New Academic Year 2019-2020.
I also pray that this New Year becomes for everyone at St. Michael' a year filled with opportunities of every kind to acquire more skills, knowledge and wisdom.
Again, I wish everyone a wonderful academic year ahead at St. Michael's School, as well as, every success in maintaining a friendly, clean, healthy, comfortable and safe environment for everyone so that teaching and learning here may be accomplished in a fitting and eminent manner.
May St. Michael, our heavenly patron pray for us and protect us!

Rev. Fr. Thavamani
Principal, St. Michael's School