Our mission is to help students use their time and resources to acquire knowledge, to rely on their strengths and to become responsible citizens of our country. Thus, today we 'create leaders for tomorrow' by inculcating in them the values of Jesus that shape a civilization of love and service. His mandate is: 'Love Your Neighbour as Yourself'- a mandate to love every one especially those in need. True love, obviously, dispels the divisions and favors unity despite differences. As the students learn to recognize and respect diversity in every stage of their learning and life, the wider community can hope for a strengthening of unity in our country.


The emblem of the school has in it a lamp (Diya), an open book and the school's motto: "Serve with Love". The Diya stands for light. The Book stands for the word of God whence true wisdom comes. And the motto of St. Michael's School, "Serve with Love" - which has been taken from the episcopal coat of arms of the late Archbishop Alan de Lastic - conveys our resolve to shape the students to be persons who love and serve.